Into the Final Stretch of the 2020 election, a Super Close Race

Forget the ridiculous national polls that have no correlation with reality. Those are called ‘suppression polls’ and designed to drive a narrative Trump is losing big, but he isn’t.

The election comes down to a handful of swing states. The 2020 election is super close, both Presidential campaigns know it, and mainstream media pollsters know it too. If it was really a +16 race, Biden wouldn’t be so focused on Pennsylvania or Florida.

Each Presidential campaign has internal polls likely more accurate than these +12 to +16 national polls which are a joke. The election is about state polls now, and the most accurate polls from past election cycles shows Trump winning Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, and within striking distance in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Best polling shows Trump has a slight electoral college lead 3 weeks out, and while this map shows Arizona as a tossup, strong Arizona poll for Trump the other day with +4 (Trafalagar Poll). Michigan tilting Trump, and Pennsylvania tilting Biden.

Best thinking today is the race comes down to Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Race for the President in 2020 – Nevada Caucus Edition

Bernie Sanders has won Nevada and is the clear Democrat front-runner and delegate leader.

At this time, Bernie Sanders is the odds on favorite to win most Super Tuesday contests except Alabama & Mississippi (Biden), Minnesota (Klobuchar) and Florida (Bloomberg).

Joe Biden will be a distant #2 today, which means he’s still in the game, but distant #2 after terrible Iowa and NH showing is not a strong position.

Spin aside, Bernie Sanders leads, Joe Biden trails, Warren damaged Mike Bloomberg at the debate, but can Bloomberg make a comeback?

That’s the story coming out of Nevada.