There’s a Storm Coming…

If this model holds up, be Hurricane Sandy like winds tomorrow into New Jersey. Won’t be the low pressure of Sandy, but it could feel intense.

Sandy made landfall at 946mb, not far from Atlantic City in 2012. It was a hybrid pressure storm. Those 80-90mph winds in Sandy came loaded with category 4 hurricane energy, where as (if the model holds), those 80mph to 90mph winds tomorrow could be intense, but not nearly as destructive.

Our storm is intensifying tonight. Whatever the endgame now, this could pack a nasty punch for some. Might be a good idea to batten down the hatches, and prepare for a wild ride.

Model: ECMWF



Intensifying Storm

Tropical Storm Isaias may be on the path to becoming a hurricane again, and is intensifying tonight.

Some forecasts now see a Category 1 or 2 hurricane potentially impacting the Carolinas, with hurricane force gusts up along the East Coast through Long Island.

Been some intense models in recent days, but consensus called it a Tropical Storm.

Whatever the endgame, storm will be a big rainmaker, and big windmaker too.

Model: ECMWF




Hurricane Alert (Updated)

Saturday Update: Hurricane Isaias has weakened after brushing up with Hispaniola, and continues to struggle with shear. At this time, those possible higher intensity projections look dubious.


The entire East Coast should be on high alert, and rapid intensification of Hurricane Isaias is on the table.

I warned of a Category 4 potential the other day which could be a devastating storm in itself, and now the best experts are seeing possible CAT2 or CAT3 potential.

North Carolina could have a problem, and Florida coast needs to be on guard.

This is why I never blow off the outlier models.

Not a forecast.