The Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020

It appears the situation in China is improving as Starbucks are re-opening stores there, and Apple says factories are getting back to normal. Meanwhile, not much in new case activity in USA.

I’ve been on the road for a few days, and aside from the horror headlines, life is somewhat normal.

But people want to panic anyway, and there are no shortage of people in media and on Twitter pushing the PANIC button. The stock market has lost trillions in the last few days, and in some parts of the country, supermarket shelves are beginning to go empty. But not everywhere.

My big concern continues to be that irrational panic, and not the virus itself.

I continue to think President Trump did a good preventative job containing the virus for weeks before anyone really knew what was going on, and while it’s not out of the question a significant outbreak could happen in America, at this time, I’m not anticipating one.

That said, the panic (at this time) is self-fulfilling, irrational and contagious. I think people need to stop and look around to see that China is improving, and we don’t have a major outbreak in USA (at this time).

That said, should a significant outbreak happen in USA, I do fully expect the government would forcefully move quick to quarantine it, and all the warnings everyone is seeing could become a possibility (school closings, etc).

Otherwise, for tonight at least, all is good in America, except the stock market.

Coronavirus – Panic Justified or Overhyped?

I tend to agree, for now.

“But in spite of the global panic in the news about this virus, you’re unlikely to contract COVID-19 unless you’ve been in contact with someone who’s recently traveled to certain parts of China.

There’s no need to worry about the 2019 coronavirus if you haven’t recently traveled to China or been in contact with someone who’s been diagnosed with the virus.” (Link Here)

Obamacare Unconstitutional? A Nightmare for Republicans

The world has changed some.

Republicans didn’t lose the House last month to gun control, climate change, or immigration. They got wiped out in the suburbs, and elsewhere by Health care.

2018 Midterms was about Health care. Period.

If last night’s ruling holds, Republicans can weaken themselves electorally in suburbs, and swing states, thereby putting the Republican Presidency at risk in 2020, and losing odds to win back the House.

This isn’t 2010. Health care is now a political winner, and pre-existing conditions are the new Holy Grail of Health Care.

Next time Dems are in power, they’ll push for Medicare-for-all, which would be a disaster.

We’ll see how the coming months go, but at this point, if the Obamacare ruling holds, I’m thinking Congress gives Trump his wall, in exchange for protecting pre-existing conditions.

RT nicholaskitchel: This is the photo taken at the White House right after HouseGOP voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act last year.

Everyone with an ❌ has since been voted out of Congress.

Health Care

Legal Analysis

On Friday’s memorandum from the Feds:

– President Trump has NOT been implicated in a crime. There is no evidence here to support an allegation.

– The President cannot be charged in office.

– Tough for prosecutors to prove illegal campaign finance violations by Trump, even if legit evidence ever emerged. In addition, Michael Cohen has a major credibility problem.

– POTUS could pardon himself.

– Partisans are holding President Trump up to a legal standard that the Obama Campaign violated, much worse, and then settled with a fine; for a total bigger than Cohen’s total case.

– Impeachment is not a legal proceeding. It is political. If the House of Representatives wants to impeach the President during a major election cycle term, have at it. Without evidence, the votes in the Senate to convict are just not there.

Farewell to President George H.W. Bush

America lost it’s most significant elder of the Greatest Generation yesterday. From a generation that nurtured the finest in American character.

A generation that grew up in hardship, fought in a major war, and for those who survived, would come home to build our modern empire.

In all of American history, (even more than FDR), no one person was better connected to the Presidency for as long as George H.W. Bush was.

One half of the Presidential ticket with Ronald Reagan in 1980 and again in 1984 and then as President in 1988, George H. W. Bush was part of three electoral landslides, one of which (1984) was the most significant landslide in American history.

To be America’s Commander in Chief, is to be ready at all times (if needed) to take the nation to war to protect the vital interests of America, and her allies.

President George H.W. Bush led America (and coalition allies) to our most impressive war victory since WW ll.

Under the leadership of Commander In Chief, President George H. W. Bush, in the 1990/91 Gulf War, USA and coalition partners crushed the 4th largest army on the planet in a matter of months.

As the Cold War ended, President Bush ushered in a dramatic new era in American power.

George H. W. Bush didn’t just lead America, he was arguably the leading symbol of America’s patriarchy. A nation built on family values.

You can see this in Bush’s Mother’s Day proclamations between 1989 to 1992. Bush wrote by far the best Mother’s Day Proclamations.

As Americans wake up to the news a beloved 20th Century President has died, the headlines will read of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, and victory in Iraq. But history will remember President George H. W. Bush as the man who was destined to lead this New World Order.

George H.W. Bush was a one term President, who served as Vice President for 8 years under President Ronald Reagan, giving him 12 years of White House power.

Bush’s world leader legacy is in part, born of the Reagan Presidency.

#MeToo and SCOTUS

Lost in the media narrative this week, and one thing that makes America great, is our ‘innocent until proven guilty’ legal standard.

With the SCOTUS confirmation firestorm underway, which is by default an incredibly passionate fight anyway, can see a segment of the population has already decided Kavanaugh is guilty of something he hasn’t been proven guilty of, by an accuser (who to this point) refuses to testify to the U.S. Senate, even though two days ago her attorney said she would. Even Sen. Feinstein admitted yesterday about the accuser, “I can’t say that everything is truthful”.

See a lot of people using Al Franken vs. Brett Kavanaugh comparisons, and wanted to weigh in.

First, former Senator Al Franken had three strikes against him.

1.) Offensive photographic evidence
2.) Multiple women spoke out on his inappropriate behavior
3.) A history of offensive comments/skits that involved young children. (Google SNL, etc)

As the Franken #MeToo hit job rolled on, Franken was giving the U.S. Senate a black eye, to the point, multiple Senators asked him to step down. He did quickly, because he had no defense.

SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials, has been throroughly investigated several times, and is prepared to testify on ‘vague’ allegations from an accuser who doesn’t have her facts together, nor can nail down instrumental details from 36 years ago to support her claims. Further, the accuser is using an attorney who once defended Al Franken, and Bill Clinton. And again, Al Franken lost.

The #MeToo movement is a pretty reckless, at times devastating movement that takes aim at (mostly) men who’ve used their power and influence to assault others. Hollywood types mostly hate #MeToo because it puts inappropriate behavior in the spotlight, and demands cultural change.

To a point, I support the #MeToo movement, but there needs to be evidence, and an endgame, which I argue includes:

– Exposing legit bad apples and driving them out of public square. Maybe they can find a 2nd chance elsewhere. This is not a new thing. 30 years ago, standards were much stronger.

– Identifying and changing what is unacceptable behavior in our elitist culture; for these are the people who are often behind the entertainment and messaging that makes its way into our homes.

– Learning how to identify and weed out the bad apples who drive false claims.

I’m pleased Senate Republicans have given Kavanaugh’s accuser a platform to tell her story, and are taking her claims seriously enough to put a halt to Kavanaugh’s vote to get to the bottom of this mess.

But it is unfortunate that Democrats will not push for an investigation into Congressman Keith Ellison who is under fire on allegations from two different women, both whom wrote very long emotionally disturbing manifestos about the Congressman. Neither manifesto in itself is proof of wrongdoing, but two is a trend, and should probably be looked at. Maybe the FBI can look into it, like some want for Kavanaugh.

Innocent until proven guilty is a high legal standard of the United States. Presuming someone guilty based on feckless allegations by an accuser who is dodging an opportunity to testify under oath is an incredibly low standard.

Our national media would be wise to remember this.

Will the AIIB one day matter? By Michael Pettis

Fascinating read by Michael Pettis on the international financial system, and why China’s new multilateral bank and currency are not likely to challenge America’s economic role in the world, which I’ve been arguing as the America haters try to drive the talking point that China’s AIIB is the beginning of the decline of America.

What does it all really mean?

After the Cold War ended, America’s GDP growth dramatically accelerated leaving most other nations in the dust, and in many situations, decades or more economically, and militarily behind the U.S.

China has seen spectacular growth over the last 25 years, but it’s currency is still weak, and it really doesn’t have the infrastructure or financial fundamentals to challenge, or even dominate the international global system of capital trades and international trade that America earned and dominates.

The imminent decline of the American empire is vastly overhyped.

Welcome to the American Century 2.0.